Red Fox Skull


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Red Fox Skull (by VOXILION)
3D Red Fox Skull / 3D Model / 3D Object / 3D Mesh / 3D Scan / 3D Printing

Our 3D Templates are a great source for 3D Designing, 3D Printing, and 3D Rendering!

This VOXILION 3D Template is optimized for 3D Printing.
NO holes NO non manifold edges | NO floating parts | NO self intersecting faces

The minimum wall-thickness of the 3D Template is NOT pre set because the wall-thickness depends on the objects final 3D Printing size, the 3D Printing material, and the 3D Printing technology!

Terms used:
UHD = Ultra High Detail  | HD = High Detail | LD = Low Detail
Raw = polymesh with outer & inner structures  | Shell  = polymesh with outer shell, inner structures are mainly deleted

This package includes:

TypeResolutionPolycountFormatClean MeshSymmetryUV-Map (ATLAS)Image Texture
RawUHD7'335'642 .ztl yesnonono
ShellUHD / HD / LD4'117'946 / 831'658 / 666'828.ply yesnonono
ShellUHD / HD / LD4'117'946 / 831'658 / 666'828.ztlyesnoUHD no / HD no / LD yesno
ShellUHD / HD / LD4'117'946 / 831'658 / 666'828.lwoyesnoUHD no / HD no / LD yesno